Our Process

Our process is simple.  We start from the ground up with our clients and help them become more successful.  Most of our clients need help figuring out where Internet Marketing fits in their entire marketing plan.  We evaluate the organizations current marketing practices, draw on our unique past experience and help to grow traditional marketing plans in to mufti-tiered plans which grow the company organically.

The plan lays the groundwork for the best part,  the idea stage.  During the idea stage, we help clients of all sizes take their unique marketing plan and turn it in to a list of effective tactics which will help motivate people to become interested in your product or service.  Many times, these ideas flow quickly, so have your pen and pad ready.

Plans and ideas are only as good as the organization who puts them in to practice.  MWDPR can help to train your staff to perform many of the routine items on your individualized marketing plan.  This will help keep marketing costs down and will allow you to re-focus that money on growing the plan over time.  We are always there to take on more of the work load, if needed.