How to define your target audience

An organizations “target audience” is critical to the success of any marketing outreach.  The concept is simple.  Why market your products/services to a group of people who have no “need” for what you provide?  A solid definition of your target audience will lead to greater marketing outreach and a better bang for your buck.  Here are some questions to ask yourself as your organization takes on the task of defining your target audience.

What are the basics of our target audience?

Does your audience comprise of males and females?  Is there a specific age range?  Where do they live?  These are all questions you should be asking yourself when defining your organizations target audience.  With these answers you can begin to paint a much better picture of who your common customer is as you create new marketing campaigns.

What are their concerns?

You can turn customer concerns in to products/services you can provide to meet these concerns.  This is all about consumers having a “need” that only you can fulfill.  The answer to this question also helps determine the type of marketing themes and other content to focus on.

How can we help?

This question helps determine how your business has a place in your target’s life and culture.  Knowing how you can help also makes the process of responding to needs and answering questions much easier.



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