Scranton Area Website Design: Greater Pittston YMCA

We love working with local non-profits within Northeast Pennsylvania and throughout the entire country.  The YMCA has always been an organization we have wanted to work with and we finally got a chance, thanks to the Greater Pittston YMCA. The entire team at the YMCA was a blast to work with.  Thanks to a very clear brand, we were able to have fun within the boundaries and express our knowledge through their new design.

Their Issue: The entire YMCA organization revamped their brand and messaging, which left many local YMCA’s without a consistent website.

Our Solution: We re-designed their entire website, putting emphasis on their new brand and making the user experience more modern.

Homepage Design

Our homepage design features a simple, modern layout with social media links, a quick links section, a special announcements section, a flash banner and features a clear definition of their new brand messaging.

Pittston, PA YMCA Homepage Design


Sub-Page Design

Our sub-page design kept the header the same but integrated in a sub-navigation which will make it easy for users to browse through the site.

Pittston, PA YMCA Sub-Page Design

We all had a lot of fun building this site for such a great organization.  MWDPR loves working with non-profit organizations of all sizes.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your non-profit, visit:

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