Target – An Example of Marketing with YouTube & Social Media

There are plenty of businesses on YouTube and other social media sites, but very few who know how to use social networks as an effective video sharing tool.  One of the best examples of how to use video in your social media marketing plans is via the company Target.  They have produced some great video content which makes simple products like laundry detergent look interesting to their online viewers.

Here’s why their video content is so interesting and should be looked at as a model for internet marketers. View their videos today at:

Videos are short and to the point

Most of their videos are between 15 and 30 seconds, a perfect time to stick to when busy internet users are your target audience.  People are not going to take the time to view a video over a minute or so on the web, unless it is super interesting.


Videos find ways to make simple things interesting

Each and every one of Target’s YouTube videos are interesting and fun to watch.  They take a lot of time figuring out ways to make simple concepts interesting and it shows.


Videos are clean and brand aware

Most of the videos are very clean and feature a lot of white backgrounds .  Most of the actors feature white clothing.  This is done purposely to make the products seem more interesting and make the brand look very clean.

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