Valentines Day: Time to love or time to market?

Whether it be through the necessity for common Valentines Day items items; cards, flowers, dinners or due to the new emotions marketers can tug on, Valentines Day is a marketers dream.

Retail Markets

Valentines Day is heaven for most retailers.  The gift market has increased over the last few years to include new “relationships” which tend to now fall under the “Valentines Day” umbrella.  For example, many years ago, you wouldn’t be sending your teachers cute little Valentines Day gifts.  However, that is now the norm, thus creating an expanded market for the retail sector.  Don’t forget your pets….

The “love” effect

Valentines Day also provides marketers with the ability to target their audiences through careful, positive focused messages that take advantage of a persons good mood on Feb 14.  Smart marketers even have ways to create a culture around the relation-ship-less consumers with motivational messages such as “new year, new love.”  A persons desire to find love, may create a very strong call to action.

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