Natural Eye Care

Natural Eye Care, like many of our clients, likes to work with MWDPR on a monthly basis for help with a large part of their Internet Marketing efforts.

With the help of MWDPR, Natural Eye Care has been able to establish a robust Social Media platform, execute new advertising mediums and explore and develop mobile technology.

Ways we help Natural Eye Care

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Mobile Website Design (QR Codes, Mobile Optimization)
  • Print Advertising strategies
  • Newsletter Design
  • SEO Optimization

A message from Michael Edson, President, Natural Eye Care, Inc.

“Over 2 years ago I started having Michael assist me with the complicated issues of setting up and managing social network marketing regarding helping with sales of my products online. Michael also set up my mobile site as well. He is generous with his ideas and always willing to delve into problem solving.

Michael is very knowledgable, diligent, reliable and dedicated to his clients. It is my pleasure to continue to have him as a consultant in our ongoing efforts to grow our company and reach out to the virtual world of consumers.”