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Target – An Example of Marketing with YouTube & Social Media

There are plenty of businesses on YouTube and other social media sites, but very few who know how to use social networks as an effective video sharing tool.  One of the best examples of how to use video in your social media marketing plans is via the company Target.  They have produced some great video .. read more

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Valentines Day: Time to love or time to market?

Whether it be through the necessity for common Valentines Day items items; cards, flowers, dinners or due to the new emotions marketers can tug on, Valentines Day is a marketers dream. Retail Markets Valentines Day is heaven for most retailers.  The gift market has increased over the last few years to include new “relationships” which tend .. read more

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How to define your target audience

An organizations “target audience” is critical to the success of any marketing outreach.  The concept is simple.  Why market your products/services to a group of people who have no “need” for what you provide?  A solid definition of your target audience will lead to greater marketing outreach and a better bang for your buck.  Here .. read more

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Scranton Area Website Design: Greater Pittston YMCA

We love working with local non-profits within Northeast Pennsylvania and throughout the entire country.  The YMCA has always been an organization we have wanted to work with and we finally got a chance, thanks to the Greater Pittston YMCA. The entire team at the YMCA was a blast to work with.  Thanks to a very .. read more

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Top 10 Web Strategies

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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