Every business is different and requires their own unique rules for marketing.  However, we can help provide you with the tools to make your life easier.  MWDPR will let you do what you do best…sell your products/services.

Online Marketing Strategies

Marketing Research & Analysis

We can take a hard look at your current marketing activities, research your competition and make some specific recommendations based on our findings.

Website Design Services

This service includes all of the graphic work that takes place with a new website or mobile website.  During this process, we will work with the client to secure all collateral including; logos, print materials, photographs, videos and other visual content. We then take this information and begin putting together both homepage and sub-page designs for your new website.

Coding Services

Our team utilizes all of the most up-to-date coding technologies in order to make sure your new website works with all modern browsers and devices.  We are also able to code your website in whats called a CMS or Content Management System which makes it easy to edit copy and add photos in the future.  MWDPR prides itself on coding every site with SEO in mind.  Rest assured, your new site will be optimized for crawling by the major search engines.

Content Generation

What good is a website with no text or a Facebook page with no content?  We can help with capturing photos, shooting video, writing copy and creating strategies to bring it all to life.

Social Media Branding

Creating or optimizing your entire social media presence.  This strategy will ensure that all of your social media accounts resemble a cohesive design consistent with your companies brand.

Social Media Account Set-up

We will handle the infancy of your social media marketing efforts.  Let MWDPR handle the creation of your accounts and visual look and feel of each page.

Social Media Marketing Plans

A great way to learn about new trends and concepts in the social media world.  Let us craft you a specialized plan which targets your audience and inspires them to take part in your business through social media.

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Make sure people are finding your business on Google and other popular search engines.  We will ensure your code is friendly to search engines and create custom keywords, descriptions and web copy.

Paid Search Advertising

We can help create visibility for your company through targeted paid advertisements in various parts of the Internet.  This service is usually recommended to help make your business rank on certain, highly competitive keywords.

Traditional Marketing Strategies

  • Print Media Design (Brochures, Postcards, Business Cards)
  • Television, Radio & Billboard Advertising
  • Special Event Management
  • Employee Communications
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Crisis Communications