Non Profit Marketing Strategies

As a non-profit organization, it is clear what your challenges are on a daily basis, especially during times of economic troubles.  According to the Foundation Center, there are over 1.5 million non-profit’s in the US alone.  That is quite a large list of competitors.  However, your non-profit has some great stories to tell and messages to share.  What can be done to ensure your potential donors and volunteers receive your message?

Here are some valuable strategies MWDPR can assist you with.

An engaging and inspiring Website

It is essential that your organization builds a strong web presence in order to compete with non-profits both locally and nationally.  A well designed Website can help your organization communicate with current constituents and retain new donors and volunteers.  Make sure your site includes a strong voice along with engaging videos and other meaningful content aimed at inspiring action.

We can help with designing your new site, making it highly visible on search engines and content development.

A strong social media presence

Social media provides non-profit’s the opportunity to share the various stories of the organization.  Consider interviewing the individuals you help, provide “insider information” to members, share photos and other content to potential donors.  This can all be done easily with social media.  By sharing meaningful content via social media, you are communicating the impact of your organization.

We can help with account creation, branding, content development and planning.